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Sour Jack strain- Growing, Effects & Benefits


Let's take a closer look at a special breed called Sour Jack. Sour Jack is a Sativa cannabis strain that derives its name from its parent strain. The name is obviously not catchy but reveals the real power in it. It has a proud pedigree to back it up. It may just be a coincidence, but there is a drink named Sour Jack. It is synonymous with superiority and power and is one of the most respected lineages among all cannabis varieties. So, therein lies an award-winning hybrid that is just as impressive as its parent.

What is Sour Jack?

Sour Jack is a cannabis-infused marijuana strain that is a blend of two classic Sativa dominant strains. The original strains of this marijuana variety are 'Sour Diesel' and 'Jack Herer'. The strain has been found to have a THC level of 22% and a CBN percentage of 0.56%. The CBD level of this rare strain is calculated as 0.22.

It has lime green pulses and calyx-shaped curly orange-colored trichomes all over the flowers. The intense sour smell of this strain aroma from Sour Jack gives users a mixture of the combined aroma of citrus and fuel. It hints at menthol and pine. It will taste more or less like lemon soda. This will completely take out the stress among users.

What are the Effects of Sour Jack?

  • The effects of the Sour Jack strain are uplifting for users which can provide sparkling energy and reduce fatigue.

  • This impressive strain with a content of 22% THC levels has the potential to produce some psychoactive effects such as sound and visual hallucinations that are enjoyable for experienced users.

  • This strain is capable of a single blow to the head. Users will suddenly feel the positive energy that is filled with happy thoughts and creative ideas.

  • Sends users into an uplifting euphoria that improves the overall mood and can lead to further bursts of laughter. Waves of happiness fill the consumer's mind and may be accompanied by a mild relaxing effect.


  • Energetic – 10

  • Happy – 8

  • Creative – 7

  • Uplifted – 7

  • Giggly – 7

What Aroma does Sour Jack make?

  • Due to its impressive lineage, the aroma profile of this weed is not surprising.

  • The intense sour smell of this strain is the signature aroma of Sour Jack.

  • This breed will give users a mix of citrus and fuel aroma combined with hints of menthol and pine. It produces a cool, refreshing scent.

  • It gives rise to buds producing a pungent aroma of diesel with undertones of tropical earthiness.

  • Three major terpenes influence the scent of this plant – limonene, valencene, and caryophyllene.


  • Sour

  • Citrus

  • Fruity

  • Pungent

  • diesel

Medical Benefits of Sour Jack

The uplifting effects can provide a spark of energy and reduce body fatigue. Considering the intensity, Sour Jack is a great strain to fight depression and help you stay energized. An overall increase in the user's mood can also reduce stress and fatigue.

Additionally, the user's biological makeup and response to the effects of stress may promote sleepiness among insomniacs. Meanwhile, other patients who are in pain could potentially find temporary relief from using the strain.

Adverse Reaction

Sour Jack can also cause some of the adverse reactions that are commonly seen among cannabis users. In this case, users are very likely to experience dry mouth. However, due to the powerful cerebral effects of stress, some users may experience symptoms of anxiety and dizziness with a slight chance of having a panic attack.

Growing Checklist of Sour Jack?

The Sour Jack strain is known to have a long incubation period of 70–77 days which is approximately ten weeks. Harvesting is expected in 86 days. If grown indoors our Jack can give a moderate yield of 12 to 16 oz per square meter, ie with a bountiful yield - 1-2 oz/ft2 for indoor plants. For its outdoor yield, Sour Jack should be able to produce about 16 oz or more per plant which is 15-20 oz/ft2 for outdoor plants.

Seeds of this rare cannabis plant are difficult to find, but you can find these sour jackfruit seeds on our website, DC Cannabis Buds. The height of the plants is 60-80 inches. The buds are calyx shaped and have curly orange-colored trichomes.

Sour Diesel's harvest time is around the beginning of November while Jack Herer's harvest is mid to late October. With these facts in mind, we can assume that Sour Jack beans may be ready to harvest around those months as well.


Sour Jack is a powerful and popular type of cannabis-infused marijuana strain that is a blend of two classic Sativa dominant strains—Jack Herer and Sour Diesel. It has a THC level of 22%, a CBN of 0.56%, and a CBD level of 0.22. It has lime green bracts surrounding the flowers and calyx-shaped curly orange trichomes and a combined aroma of citrus with hints of menthol and pine fuel. Sour Jack is a great stress reliever to help fight depression and keep you energized

DC Cannabis Buds is your one-stop source for reliable, up-to-date information on recreational cannabis delivery in DC. We offer a comprehensive guide to help you discover all the details you need to successfully grow this popular species.

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